(TNR) Trap, Neuter, Return
TNR works and it works well. We also help the public with information on TNR, loan traps, and help them place lost, unwanted, and abandoned kittens and cats into loving homes.

The only way to stop the needless deaths of 5,000,000 animals a year is to stop overpopulation; and the only way to stop pet overpopulation is through spay/neuter. By understanding the vital importance of spay/neuter and its impact on the overpopulation problem, you can help to make a difference. Please urge your family, friends and co-workers to also do the right thing and SPAY/NEUTER their pets. Together, we can stop the needless destruction of innocent animals.

Cats start breeding in January and February so you need to spay them now. The surrounding towns in our immediate area do not have any animal shelters. Cats are trapped or picked up and held for 7 days in a room at a local vets office. If they are NOT CLAIMED in 7 days they are put down. Ferals are trapped and put down ASAP. It is a very inexpensive animal control policy in an area that could afford to do better.

Please help us to stop the antiquated policies. The Borough of Flemington has adopted TNR and we say 'kudos' to all of you in Flemington borough for your forward thinking and kindness to animals.

If you need to spay/neuter an entire colony of cats, call the Northampton/Easton SPCA, (center for Animal Health and Welfare).They are in PA but will do NJ cats, they have been a great resource for us. We can lend you the traps. You can negotiate a price with them beforehand according to what you can pay. Call for details 610-252-7722. Option 6. This operation is staffed by volunteers so please be patient with them, they can not always call you back right away. Their web address is www.spcanorthampton.org .

Also, Friends of Animals certificates online, visit www.friendsofanimals.org.

You have to use a participating vet for these certificates, make sure to call the particular vet ahead to find out what additional fees they may charge. Do not take your cats to the vets that want to test your cats, give them all the shots possible, clean our there ears, do pre operation checkups or bloodwork, or any other kind of additional work. These costs will add up and make it too expensive. The only additional costs should be for a rabies vaccine and possibly the distemper combo.

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We are concerned with the health of cats and dogs. Poor quality food and too many vaccines are making our pets sick. These are important links to pet health. If male cats are fed only grocery store dry food they develop crystals in their urine and can die if they do not get them to a vet ASAP! They must be fed a good quality wet food to prevent this disease.






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