Marijuana like a natural medecine

Marijuana is commonly known as a drug with negative side effects to the users. This drug is frowned upon today; most of which are irrelevant to the safety of marijuana. Because of this reason, it is an illegal drug in the majority of parts of the united states. The debate about the legalization of marijuana has been constantly discussed throughout the united states. Marijuana is the solution to America's problems. Marijuana can help prevent or even cure certain health issues, marijuana can help increase revenue, and it is not a harmful drug. States such as California, Colorado and Washington DC have already legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Marijuana, also known as cannabis, should be legalized in all states.
Marijuana was brought to America in the mid-1500 by the Spanish people. Marijuana was used for hemp, which are strong fibers that could be used to make clothes, bags, and rigging of ships. Marijuana was not grown to be used for recreational or medical use until the 1900s. Cannabis started appearing in ingredients of medicines but not as much as cocaine. Marijuana was being prescribed for different conditions such as labor pain, and nauseous. In 1970 a law was passed to make drugs including cannabis illegal. That law didn't stop people from using the drug. The use of marijuana increased in the late 1900s. It has been a debate rather or not it should be legal since then.
Marijuana can prevent or minimize certain health issues. Marijuana is the most used drug in the United States. About 19.8 million people use Marijuana for both medical and recreational use in the USA. The number of people using marijuana has increased in America throughout the years. Many states chose to legalize marijuana for recreational and medical use in the past year. Cannabis or marijuana is known to have a highly beneficial outcome in managing chronic pain in adults and relieving symptoms in conditions such as, multiple sclerosis and sleep apnea. "About 45–80% of patients have prescribed marijuana for managing their chronic pain conditions" ( Tawfik et al. 1). Sometimes even children that suffer from epilepsy is given marijuana to help with the health condition. "In 2016, it was reported that the usage of medicinal marijuana helped head and neck cancer patients with long-term side effects of radiotherapy" ( Tawfik et al. 2). Cannabis has helped with many different medical conditions and it is also known for helping mental illnesses such as PTSD. Medical Properties of marijuana have been proven many times. Cannabis is more than just a drug it's a medicine.
The recreational use of marijuana is legalized in only 11 states, which means there are 39 states where people are most likely still using this drug illegally. The drug crime rate will decrease in these states if marijuana was legalized also the tax revenue will increase. Being able to sell marijuana legally will eliminate the illegal marijuana trade. "As the legal marijuana industry thrives, licensed marijuana companies will dominate the marijuana market, removing the trade from the hands of drug dealers" (Alsharaiha. 17). Legalizing this herb could mean selling it at liquor stores for ages 21 and older. The USA spends billions on prisoners, one-third are locked up for drug crime. Half of those criminals are locked up for marijuana. If marijuana were legal that would mean this country would save millions every year. Not to mention the increase in jobs that legalizing marijuana would do for American citizens to produce and market the drug. Legalizing cannabis would only increase state incomes and minimize drug crime.
Of course, there are many counterarguments to the legalization of marijuana in the united states. Some may say that marijuana is a dangerous drug and that it should not be legalized because it could be addictive, marijuana use can increase mental health problems and marijuana harms the health of the user. However, there are many dangerous substances that are legal that shouldn't be such as alcohol and cigarettes. Marijuana is safer than cigarettes and alcohol in every way possible. Cigarettes kills about 480,000 people every year and alcohol kills about 88,000 people per year. Marijuana has not killed anyone, yet it is illegal and most of the states. Overdosing on marijuana is almost impossible. People view tobacco as more dangerous than marijuana. Marijuana is not toxic to the human body and that's a scientific fact. Marijuana has a low addiction rate, but it is not physically addictive like alcohol, cigarettes and pain killers. You can get addicted to marijuana just like food or even sex. Getting addicted to marijuana is more of a mental thing. There is not enough evidence to show rather or not that marijuana causes mental health issues. Overall marijuana is not a harmful drug and its benefits outweigh its problems.
The discussion about the legalization of marijuana has been an important yet controversial issue in the united states for many years. There are two different views on this situation. The first view is that marijuana should be legalized because it has more benefits than harm and the second view is that marijuana should be illegal because it is a harmful drug. Marijuana has medical properties, which help with pain and to relieve symptoms of different diseases and mental disorders. Marijuana legalization could also help with the state tax revenue and drug crime rate. Compared to other substances that are legal marijuana is the least harmful of them all. Marijuana doesn't kill people, but what people do while on the drug could potentially harm them. If laws were put into place, then it would prevent a lot of things from happening. Marijuana is not as harmful as the government wants people to believe. The government uses scare tactics using misleading information to get people to think that cannabis is a bad drug. Marijuana causes no long-term health issues. Until marijuana is legalized, innocent people will continue to be locked up and thrown in jail with criminals when they didn't do anything wrongs. Cannabis, also known as marijuana, should be legalized in all states.
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